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With internationally recognised vocal coach & platinum-winning singer, Sarah Jay Hawley

Sarah Jay Hawley is a platinum-winning, international renowned singer/songwriter with a career spanning thirty years. Sarah Jay’s memorable voice and songs have been heard by millions on Massive Attacks’ platinum selling album Mezzanine.

For the last two decades, Sarah Jay has also brought all her passion, expertise and experience of being a professional musician into her role as a vocal/performance coach with many well-known professional and upcoming artists.

In 2005, Sarah Jay launched Vocal Peaks – a company providing vocal & performance coaching. In this capacity, Sarah Jay has worked with Easy Street Theatre, LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art), Liverpool University, BIMM, Doncaster College & Worked Education Association. Sarah Jay was also a consultant for Phoenix Recover (national music project).

In addition, Sarah Jay has been coaching in vocals, songwriting and performance skills at the notable BIMM Institute [British and Irish Modern Music Institute] for over ten years. BIMM is Europe’s largest, most connected music institute with eight colleges based in vibrant musical cities across the UK and Europe.

As well as being a senior tutor at BIMM, Sarah Jay is a co-founder of SingZing (vocal coaching app aimed at making vocal practice easy, educational & accessible).

Sarah Jay loves sharing her vast experience, teaching & mentoring absolute beginners, intermediate singers, professionals and those with special needs.

Sarah Jay works with…

  • PROFESSIONAL recording artists & stage performers, who need help preparing for recording sessions, tours, auditions or the demands of nightly performances
  • INTERMEDIATE or SEMI-PRO singers wanting to develop better control or expression
  • BEGINNERS wanting to learn the basics of singing & express themselves better
  • ACTORS needing to add to their skill-set
  • MUSIC & DRAMA STUDENTS wanting more specific vocal assistance
  • SINGING FOR HEALTH – Sarah Jay also works with clients with special needs (autism, Looked After Children, rehab, and mental needs).

Online Singing Lessons

  • Private lessons with tailor-made exercises to quickly improve your singing
  • Expert vocal coach with decades of experience
  • Instant feedback so you always know your progress
  • Convenient alternative to in-person lessons
  • No special equipment necessary. Smartphone or laptop/desktop (with webcam) work perfectly. No separate microphone or headphones needed
  • Most students get so used to online lessons they forget it’s not in-person
  • Zoom, Google Meet & Skype are FREE to download and use

Working with Sarah Jay can help you to:


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Here’s what some of Sarah Jay’s clients say about her coaching sessions:

Clare Pilling

Vocalist/Vocal Practitioner

"Sarah is an amazing vocal practitioner who has stellar industry experience credentials, from classroom, studio to arena this lady provides Vocal Pedagogy to suit your needs. A must for any contemporary vocalist serious about developing their confidence with singing, songwriting and performing." 5*****


"I found Sarah's singing teaching to be pretty revolutionary. Within a single lesson I was hitting notes that I didn't think I could reach, and doing so with ease. Sarah's teaching is all about using the whole body, and it is an approach that really works. I'm looking forward to learning more with Sarah!" - Sing Zing Vocal APP - COMING SOON!

Mark Day

Co-founder of Sing Zing

Chloe Nicole Fenech

PHD student
"Sarah is a fantastic vocal coach. She has taught me so much about how to use my voice in a safe and healthy way, as well as how to explore the voice in ways that many other coaches do not. Truly an inspiring woman with a ridiculous amount of knowledge, and I cannot recommend her enough!"

Eleanor Hooper

Professional Musician

"Sarah Jay is an amazing teacher, with reams of knowledge in singing technique and performance. She has been a real support and inspiration in my own journey as a singer/songwriter - having a real insight into where I’m at in my life and practice, and helping me to explore my sound, giving me the confidence to go further with my work".


"Sarah is a gem who helped me regain confidence in my voice and get to the point where I feel like I can sing anything. She helped with many different styles and techniques, and most importantly we have loads of fun making daft noises."

Marc Bernard

Professional Musician

Dean Bargh

Professional Musician
"Sarah’s amazing. The improvement after just one 1 hour lesson was really noticeable and very empowering. She really knows what she’s doing."

More Happy Clients!

Sarah Jay is a fantastic vocal tutor with vast amounts of useful knowledge and experience. With her tutoring I transitioned from a novice to a practicing professional vocalist. Her techniques, warm up routines, vocal exercises and professional insight form the basis of my daily routine.””


Professional Singer

Sarah showed me so many amazing techniques that improved me as a singer and performer, and was a large part of my inspiration in my journey to my PHD in blues and rock. By far the most amazing and knowledgeable teacher I’ve ever had.”

man, portrait, black and white


PhD Student

Sarah’s lessons in mindfulness, visualisation, mediation and breathing exercises help me to prepare my mind and body to be in a state of relaxation before entering a stage, band practice or the street while busking.” –


BIMM Student

Contact Sarah Jay to book your first lesson

Call for a free chat (+44 7747 687863) to assess your needs.
Or you can e
mail sarahjayhawleymusic@gmail.com or use the form below.

Sarah Jay looks forward to working with you! 

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