Sarah Jay Hawley is a soulful English art-pop electronica artist with unforgettable haunting vocals. Sarah Jay’s voice and songs have been heard by millions on Massive Attacks’ platinum selling album, Mezzanine
Sarah Jay Hawley is a platinum-winning, internationally renowned singer/songwriter with a career spanning thirty years. For the last two decades, Sarah Jay has also brought all her passion, expertise and experience of being a professional musician into her role as a vocal/performance coach.

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Sarah Jay Hawley ’s sultry ‘Dissolved Girl’ tones woke Keanu Reeves at the beginning of ‘The Matrix’ and serenaded Bruce Willis in ‘The Day Of The Jackal’.

She co-wrote and sang the theme song, “Wire” for Michael Winterbottoms’ anti-war film ‘Welcome To Sarajevo’ and was recently remixed for the hit TV show ‘Westworld’ – to name but a few of her credits.

Sarah Jay has headlined many international festivals – including Glastonbury’s Pyramid stage. She has also written and sung on over 80 international releases as a session singer/songwriter, mainly on the British Electronica scene and has performed consistently for more than three decades.

After many years away from the spotlight, focusing on raising a beautiful daughter, being a vocal coach and music mentor and overcoming serious illness, tragedy and loss – the ‘Dissolved Girl’ is back…!!!

“Sarah Jay Hawley’s evocative vocals get under your skin in a way that you won’t forget in a hurry…”



(Photo Credit: Sarah Jay Hawley & Massive Attack, Iceland, 1998)

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